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we are selling high quality used clothing since 2008

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

SEX MACHINEGUNS band t shirt


size M.
condition A+.

pit to pit: 20 inch
length: 26.5 inch


Sex Machineguns is a Japanese speed metal band formed in 1983. Their music is characterized by a heavy focus on bass as well as extremely fast guitar and bass solos. The band rides an image of being "shock rockers" by wearing crazy, exotic outfits like visual kei bands (although this image has been toned down, especially since 2003 when the long-term bassist Noisy left the band), singing about violence (as shown in the song "FamiResuBombaa") and naming one of their live DVDs "SM Show" in a very intentional allusion to BDSM. Casting themselves as shock rockers is not the prime selling point of their music though, as they also exhibit technical skill on their instruments.

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