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we are selling high quality used clothing since 2008

we are selling high quality used clothing since 2008

Thursday, January 28, 2010

THE STONE ROSES band t shirt

size S.
condition 97%.
(pakai beberapa kali je)
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The Stone Roses were an English alternative rock band formed in Manchester in 1984. They were one of the pioneering groups of the Madchester movement that was active during the late 1980s and early 1990s. The band's most notable lineup consisted of vocalist Ian Brown, guitarist John Squire, bassist Gary "Mani" Mounfield, and drummer Alan "Reni" Wren.

The band released their debut album, The Stone Roses, in 1989. The album was a breakthrough success for the band. At this time the Stone Roses decided to capitalize on their success by signing to a major label; however, their current record label Silvertone would not let them out of their contract, which led to a long legal battle that culminated with the band signing with Geffen Records in 1991, and then finally releasing their second album Second Coming in 1994. The group soon disbanded after several lineup changes throughout the supporting tour, which began with Reni first departing, followed by Squire.

The Stone Roses' self-titled debut album is seen by many as a highly influential record. The album was voted the greatest album of all time by music magazine NME in 2006 and former Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher said in an interview that the album was "perfect".

Monday, January 25, 2010

JIMMY EAT WORLD band t shirt.

size M.
condition 89%.

pit to pit : 21 inch.
length : 27 inch.


Jimmy Eat World is an American alternative rock band from Mesa, Arizona, formed in 1993. The band is composed of lead vocalist and guitarist Jim Adkins, guitarist and backing vocalis Tom Linton, bassist Rick Burch and drummer Zach Lind.
Jimmy Eat World has released six studio albums in over 17 years as a band, the last five featuring the current lineup. The band originally formed with a punk rock sound, first releasing a demo tape in 1993, followed by their first EP in 1994, titled One, Two, Three, Four. Their debut self-titled album (Jimmy Eat World) was released in 1994, with current guitarist Linton singing most of the lead vocals on the album. Jimmy Eat World released both their second and third albums through Capitol Records, with 1996's Static Prevails featuring their first single "Rockstar". Clarity in 1999 contained the single "Lucky Denver Mint", which was featured in the film Never Been Kissed, starring Drew Barrymore.


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