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we are selling high quality used clothing since 2008

we are selling high quality used clothing since 2008

Saturday, August 29, 2009


size S.
condition 95%.
nice with lovely heart design.

"Ohio Is for Lovers" is the debut single by the band Hawthorne Heights, taken from their debut album The Silence in Black and White. The song was produced by Jay Orpin and that was considered being his most widely known productions. As described in their special edition of "Silence in Black and White" JT says that the song is about the band going on tour after leaving their girlfriends behind in Ohio.

Hawthorne Heights is an American band (post-hardcore/screamo) formed in Dayton, Ohio in June, 2001. Their line-up currently consists of vocalist and guitarist JT Woodruff, lead guitarist Micah Carli, bassist and vocalist Matt Ridenour and drummer Eron Bucciarelli. In late 2007, guitarist and vocalist Casey Calvert died of accidental causes, leaving the band as a four-piece. The band, who were originally named A Day in the Life, have released three studio albums on Victory Records since changing their name to Hawthorne Heights.

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